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Our Company

Welcome to Einobs. We provide high quality services like Web Designing, Web Development, App Development, Web Hosting, SEO Services, PPC Services, and other IT Services.

Our Development Methodology

At Einobs, our development methodology has been tested and proved over time. Now it is a standardized process that we follow to ensure the success of every project that we undertake. Although each project is unique in requirements, it still follows a similar pattern in its framework.

Requirement Analysis:

Every project begins with requirement definition and proposal sign off. Normally a ‘Request For Proposal’ is sought from the client. This document will detail all the relevant information with regard to client requirements, expectations and deadlines. The RFP reflects what is required to be done and the amount of time, cost and resources that need to be invested. The success of this stage primarily depends upon the smooth communication flow and interaction between the client and our team. Once the details are sorted out, the proposal is signed off and the official process begins.


Define Scope of the Project:

The scope and boundaries of the project are determined so we can accurately estimate the resources that will be required. A project team is developed combining the best of creative and technical talent. A development plan is formulated and tasks are allotted to individual team members and milestones are set in place so there is no delay in execution. A point to be noted is that the client is always kept in the loops as this is a very critical step in the process. At this stage we try and answer questions like Why, Where, What and How. A right project definition reduces the scope for errors and miscalculations later in the project.


Initial Design Phase and Approving the Prototype:

Once the analysis is conducted our team will be prepared to design different concepts for client approval. This stage comprises of three critical factors- design, feedback and review. HTML copies or screen designs are created but these will not have a back end code that is attached. It will help the client understand how the application will work. It is just a demo or a prototype of the actual product. At this stage, the client is requested to make recommendations and offer feedback. It is important that the approved prototype is as per the client’s expectations.


Design Integration with the program code:

This is the stage at which development begins. The system architecture is suitably designed and the code is written for the application. We offer our clients continuous feedback as we progress with design integration and coding. Our team of highly trained engineers works together in accordance with the development plan. They slowly bring to life a design plan that was once a prototype to a viable product offering. At this stage project management is very important. At Einobs we ensure that all quality measures are in place to make this stage a success.


Subsequent client approvals:

As always the client is always kept abreast of each stage of project management. Once the development stage is completed, feedback is sought from the client. The application or product may need to be tweaked to ensure that the client is 100% satisfied with the product. At Einobs, this is our primary concern and we go the extra mile to look into every detail.


Launch and Testing:

Post the web development stage, the team then tests the product exhaustively to ensure that it meets our quality standards. Tests are conducted at multiple levels to remove bugs or inconsistencies that may have crept in. Testing is handled by a separate team who are trained specifically for this operation. Therefore, there is complete objectivity when it comes to fixing errors. The product is then launched successfully and will be fully functional.

Excellent Support

To proactively communicate with clients throughout the process

Awesome Team

To keep our client as our first priority always

Faster Performance

To honor client commitments for every project

Our Vision

The Vision of Einobs is to provide you with cost effective high quality services without sacrificing the quality. We do this by helping your business grow.

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