Logo Designing

Logos are much more than just an image of your brand. They are the identity, the remembrance and the most constant brand ambassador. So these are some tips to ensure that your logo does in fact leave a lasting impression on everybody from customers to competition.

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Simplicity goes a long way!

A simple logo does not only make it easy to reproduce your logo in various media but also etches deeply in the minds of those who see it. Simplifying a logo is a tough task. So start by eliminating all unnecessary elements and keep only the ones that are truly symbolic of your brand’s personality. Then work on these elements and modify it to achieve one design that is perfect harmony both form and shape wise.


Engage your Audience

The logo should have just the right amount of abstraction and direct message that it intrigues your audience. The message should not be so direct that there is no depth maintained in the logo. Too much abstraction, on the other hand, can lead to the logo being just confusing. To strike that right balance, brainstorm on HOW you want your audience to discover the logo’s message. Then drop a few clever hints in the design and you’re done!


A logo for life

The life of a logo depends on what meaning you choose to give it. For instance, coca cola’s logo wouldn’t have worked for so long had they based it on some then-popular band/song. Your logo has to deliver a message and has to be inspired from something timeless. The safest route here is to base your design on a habit. For example, basing a coffee logo on the morning is a habitual representation of your logo that will never go out of style.


Modify – Simplify – Rectify!

Even if you LOVE the idea of your logo, it should always be a little flexible towards change. It should be adaptable to the slight occasional changes that come about – think festivals like Diwali and Christmas. Along with it, your ONE big logo should be made up little elements that can be modified, simplified and rectified for a better audience engagement.


Don’t lose track of your products and services

If all the above points are crowding your mind, here’s a tip – DON’T LOSE TRACK OF WHAT YOU’RE SELLING. You can have the smartest design and the best illustration but your logo fails the minute it is unable to communicate what your brand has to offer.


Colour me wise!

Colours can add life to a logo. But too many of them seem to choke the concept of it. Hence, keep your colour scheme limited to two or three colours that work well when inversed too.